Terms & Conditions

We understand that terms and conditions are often extremely difficult to understand due to how they are written. We have tried to keep our Service Plans terms and conditions extremely clear so you know exactly what is and isn’t covered.

  1. Scope of Contract 

1.1  Edwards Gas Services will provide the level of cover described within the ‘Plan Summary’ below subject to an initial chargeable service and inspection.

1.2 When referring to ‘We’ this refers to Edwards Gas Services

1.3  This contract is strictly a maintenance contract and is not an insurance policy. Edwards Gas Services is therefore not regulated by the FCA.

1.4 This plan is intended for domestic boilers only and will only carry out works at residential properties

  1. Our Plans

2.1 Silver Plan

Here is what is included in our Silver Plan:

  • Annual Boiler Service Included
  • Annual System Water Test
  • Annual Carbon Monoxide Test

2.2 Gold Plan

Here is what is included in our Gold Plan:

  • Annual Boiler Service Included
  • Annual System Water Test
  • Annual Carbon Monoxide Test
  • Priority Call Outs
  • Out of hours boiler services
  • Loyalty Discount our other services

2.3 Platinum Plan

Here is what is included in our Platinum Plan:

  • Annual Boiler Service Included
  • Annual System Water Test
  • Annual Carbon Monoxide Test
  • Priority Call Outs
  • Breakdown Labour Discount
  • Out of hours boiler services
  • Loyalty Discount our other services
  1. Components of the System

3.1. Your heating system is made up of a number of different components. The components of the heating system covered within each plan are as follows:

3.2 Silver Plan

  • Thermostatic radiator valves

3.3 Gold Plan

  • Thermostatic radiator valves
  • Heating pipework
  • All gas supply pipes

3.4 Platinum Plan

  • Boiler and all internals
  • Circulation pump
  • Thermostatic radiator valves
  • Radiators, Heating pipework
  • All gas supply pipes
  • Hot water cylinder (including unvented) and expansion tank

Below you will find information on each of the benefits within our service plans. Please refer back to ‘Our Plans’ above to see which items below are included in each plan.

  1. Annual Service

4.1. One of our Gas Safe qualified engineers will perform the service and safety check in line with the manufacturer's instructions

4.2.  Included in this service/safety check, we will perform the following as a minimum:

  • Check emissions using a fully calibrated flue gas analyser
  • Check the inlet and working gas pressure
  • Clean condensate trap
  • Clean magnetic filter (if fitted)
  • Clean inside of boiler case
  • Gas rate if required
  • Test of safety devices and all safety checks in line with Gas Safe guidelines

4.3.  We will also inspect the radiators, hot water cylinder and other components for leaks or defects

4.4.  A gas tightness test will be performed in certain circumstances to ensure the property is free from gas leaks

4.5.  The annual service will be arranged at a time and date convenient to you and in the month of your contract renewal. Unless otherwise arranged with the contract holder beforehand.

4.6 The annual service will be carried out Monday to Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm unless otherwise agreed by Edwards Gas Services

  1. Annual System Water Test

5.1 We will complete a test to check the quality of system water and determine the appropriate treatment to ensure the system works at optimum efficiency, and the boiler is fully protected.

5.2 Results of the test may require additional work to be carried out on the boiler that may or may not be included depending on the plan that you are on.

  1. Annual Carbon Monoxide Test

6.1 We will complete a test to check all carbon monoxide detectors in the property are working correctly once per year.

6.2 If no carbon monoxide testers are present in the property we are able to fit for free for our Gold and Platinum Plan customers.

  1. Priority Callouts

7.1 We will endeavour to attend all breakdowns within the timeframes below based on your plan:

Gold Plan: Breakdowns reported before  4:30 pm within 48 hours

Platinum Plan: Breakdowns reported before 4:30 pm within 48 hours

7.2 In the event of a breakdown being reported on Saturdays, Sundays, Bank Holidays or after 4:30 pm, we endeavour to attend the property within the timeframes below based on your plan:

Gold Plan: Within 48 hours from the next working day

Platinum Plan: Within 48 hours

7.3 The timeframes outlined above are subject to workload and availability

  1. Breakdown Labour Discount

8.1 Customers have the right to discounted breakdown labour based on their plan as outlined below:

Platinum Plan: Unlimited Callouts per year

8.2.  Where callouts are unlimited this is subject to fair use and adequate severity.

8.3.  Parts will not be covered and will be chargeable in full

  1. Out of Hours Boiler Service

9.1 Customers have access to booking boiler services outside standard trading hours giving access to evenings up until 5:30 pm

9.2 The timeframes outlined above are subject to workload and availability

  1. Loyalty Discount on Other Services

10.1.  As a Service Plans customer, you receive the following discounts on the labour of our other services:

Gold Plan: 10% Discount on all labour

Platinum Plan: 20% Discount on all labour

  1. Exceptions

11.1 Any breakdown that is caused by sludge, scale or system deposits will not be covered - this will be confirmed by an independent water quality test if required (chargeable to the customer if it fails)

11.2 Any breakdown that is a result of a problem with the water mains, electrical grid or gas main/meter. Including having no credit on a gas meter.

11.3 Pre-existing faults and defects in the design or installation of the system.

11.4 Any breakdowns caused by blocked drains backing up into the boiler.

11.5 Replacement of cosmetic parts such as boiler casings and covers

11.6 Faults caused due to the fabric of the building, for example, pipes in walls bursting due to subsidence

11.7 Any defects caused due to malicious actions, misuse or third-party interference.

11.8 Any defect caused by; fire, flood, lightning, explosion, storm, frost, terrorism or the impact of any other extraneous cause.

11.9 We will not be held responsible for delays in the provision of parts from suppliers or delivery firms.

11.10 Any defect or damage caused by a leak.

11.11 Gas supply pipes are only covered downstream of the meter.

11.12 Our service plans do not include the complete installation of a new boiler.

11.13 Our service plans do not cover boiler main heat exchangers.

  1. Missing / Cancellations of Appointments

12.1 Customers that have arranged a breakdown callout or annual service are given a 1.5-hour slot, if the engineer attends and the customer is not available a rebooking amount of £70 is charged to re-attend.

12.2 Customers must give 24 hours' notice to change an appointment date/time otherwise a rebooking fee will be charged

  1. Use of Subcontractors

13.1 We reserve the right to use subcontractors to carry out any breakdowns or annual services. All subcontractors will be Gas Safe registered and vetted by us for suitability

  1. Period, Renewal and Payment Contract

14.1 This contract is valid for a period of 1 year (12 months) from the date the first direct debit is collected

14.2 The contract will be automatically renewed into a monthly rolling contract unless instructed by the customer to cancel. The customer must give notice no later than 14 days before the renewal date

14.3 We reserve the right to cancel the renewal of any contract without giving a reason.

14.4 In the event of non-payment of the Direct Debit cover will be suspended until the account is brought up to date and no works will be carried out

14.5 The contract is cancelled if the customer misses 3 consecutive payments withoutcontacting after the initial 12 months period. Failure to make payments within the initial 12 month period will result in £45 administration fee on the account along with payment to get the account balance up to date

14.6 We reserve the right to cancel any policy at any time if a customer is found to have broken any terms in these conditions.

  1. Certificates

15.1 All certificates will be held electronically by Edwards Gas Services

15.2 Customers can request copies of any certificate at any time via email without charge.

15.3 Customers can request a hard copy of any certificate subject to a printing and postagecharge of £5.

  1. Cooling Off Period

16.1. Customers are entitled to a full refund within 14 days of signing the contract. Any breakdowns within this cooling-off period will be charged at the full amount in the event of cancellation.